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The French Bongrain company is owner of 11 Hungarian national marks and a CTM one with the term and figure of MEDVE (BEAR) which is reputed and appreciated by the Hungarian public, considering good quality of the cheese for which it is used and for the long use of the mark.

The Metropolitan Court of Appeal in a decision of 03/03/2011 dealt with the question of proof of oral disclosure in the context of lack of novelty argued in a patent revocation proceeding. The Court ruling differs from the decision in parallel UK proceedings.

Budapest, 2011, p.99

The bilingual (Hungarian and English) Annual Report starts with the Preface of Dr. Bendzsel, President of the Office under the title: Dynamo and piano: new impetus for intellectual property. After short reports (with pictures) on Outstanding events of the year 2010 and "Achievements and successes" the Annual Report contains the following chapters:

The sign PME LEGEND-AMERICAN CLASSIC was filed in class 18 by a British applicant, later assigned to a firm in Cyprus. The Hungarian Patent Office rejected the application with the consideration that the rule according to which a sign suitable to mislead directly or indirectly in respect of geographic origin is applicable in this case.

Since of April 15, 2011 the Hungarian Patent Act contains a provision in Article 104(2) according to which in circle of ruling on the necessity to protect the plaintiff’s rights deserving special appreciation which one of the preconditions of ordering preliminary injunction the court shall specifically take into account whether the subject patent was revoked by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, or the European patent effective also in the Republic of Hungary was revoked by an opposition division of the European Patent Office or in another Member State of the European Patent Organisation.