AIPPI Magyar Csoportja – Hungarian Group of AIPPI


A World Congress open to all members is held annually, in September or October. Normally, about 2000 members attend with accompanying persons. Recent venues were London, Cancun, Sydney, Milano, Rio de Janeiro and Toronto.

At a World Congress, pending Study Questions are discussed and decisions taken on a consensual basis. At the same time, a World Congress also offers a valuable Professional Programme.

The Executive Committee convenes at each Congress. The Council of Presidents also meets annually during each Congress.


AIPPI publishes (electronically) the results of its substantive work in a Yearbook.

In order to keep the membership informed, the General Secretariat publishes a Newsletter four times per year.

The international website of AIPPI has become an indispensable tool for anyone interested in intellectual property. The Library, for example, contains all substantive Study Questions which are currently being considered, as well as those which have been considered since AIPPI's founding in 1897. The website also includes reports of AIPPI Representatives to various meetings and information on international, regional and national meetings, along with a list of officers and committee chairs and members.

The entire membership list is available on a protected site for members only.


The primary purpose of AIPPI is to undertake study of IP laws. This attracts to AIPPI’s meetings leading practitioners, corporations, academics and other parties interested in IP from all over the world. Naturally, these meetings, at which issues are discussed and worked on in small groups and in plenary sessions, provide an excellent opportunity for members to meet and build personal and professional relationships.