Welcome to the Hungarian Group of AIPPI

The Working Methods of AIPPI

The Programme Committee of AIPPI identifi es important IP issues for study which are then put into the form of numbered Questions.

Working Committees are formed to study each Question. The Reporter General Team drafts Working Guidelines for each Question: these are then circulated to all National Groups of AIPPI. The Groups respond with Group Reports which set out the current legal position on the Question in their jurisdiction and with their recommendations, if any, for harmonization of the law. Group Reports are synthesized by the Reporter General Team into a Summary Report.

The Summary Report and Group Reports form the basis for Working Committees to prepare draft Resolutions which are then discussed at Congresses and Executive Committee Meetings. When a consensus is achieved, fi nal Reports and Resolutions are prepared for debate and adoption by the ExCo.

In urgent cases, AIPPI’s attitude may be determined by correspondence. AIPPI’s Reports and Resolutions are regularly submitted to the relevant organizations and provide support to AIPPI’s permanent Representatives and Experts.

AIPPI has Special Committees each of which is responsible for a particular IP issue of importance: they ensure that AIPPI is informed promptly about current developments on that issue and that long range projects of international legal development are monitored.

AIPPI Permanent Representatives act as its ambassadors, liaise with all important international GOs and NGOs and promote mutual co-ordination and cooperation. Furthermore AIPPI meets regularly with offi cers of FICPI, LES and other international NGOs to discuss issues of mutual interest.

AIPPI endeavours to promote the development of national law in international forums and symposia and by direct consulting work, in particular, in developing countries.

These co-ordinated efforts for improving and harmonizing intellectual property protection at international meetings often lead to relationships beyond the purely professional which in turn deepen mutual understanding across national borders.