Welcome to the Hungarian Group of AIPPI

Objectives of AIPPI

  • promotion and improvement of intellectual property protection

  • study and compare existing laws

The objectives of AIPPI are:

• to promote understanding of the need for international protection of industrial and other intellectual property in the broadest sense (including protection by patents, utility models, design rights, trade and service marks, copyright, related statutory and non-statutoryrights, and protection against unfair competition);
• to encourage further development of the protection of intellectual property;
• to study and compare existing laws and proposed new laws, and take steps to perfect and harmonize them;
• to work for the development, expansion and improvement of international conventions and agreements concerning the protection of industrial and other intellectual property.

AIPPI pursues its objectives by:
• establishing consensus positions on current and important intellectual property issues;
• communicating those positions to international and regional Governmental Organizations such as WIPO, WTO, EPO and to Governments;
• organizing congresses and other meetings; and,
• creating and distributing publications and other information relating to its activities.