Welcome to the Hungarian Group of AIPPI


AIPPI Membership:
• 64 National Groups • 1 Regional Group • 120 Independent Members

AIPPI’s members are people actively interested in intellectual property protection at a national or international level. They include lawyers, patent and trademark agents or attorneys, representatives from industrial corporations as well as judges, academics, scientists and engineers.

AIPPI is organized into 64 National and one Regional Group and membership is obtained by joining one of these Groups. In countries where no Group exists, membership is obtained as an Independent Member of AIPPI.

The primary bodies through which AIPPI works are:

• the General Assembly, in which all members have a right to participate and which is responsible for adopting and modifying AIPPI’s rules;
• the Executive Committee, the principal decision-making body of AIPPI, which is made up of delegates from all of the Groups – around 300 in number;
• the Council of Presidents, made up of the Presidents of the Groups plus a representative of the Independent Members as well as Presidents and Members of Honour; and,
• the Bureau which directs the activities of AIPPI; it has eight members including the President of AIPPI who chairs the Bureau; the Vice-President; the Secretary General and a Deputy with three Assistants, who are responsible for administration and representation. The Reporter General and two Deputies are also members who, with three Assistants, organize the scientifi c work of AIPPI; and a Treasurer General, in charge of fi nancial resources.
• Statutory Committees: include the Programme Committeewhich recommends IP subjects for study; the Finance Advisory Committee which acts as an internal auditor; the Nominating Committee which proposes candidates for AIPPI’s various elective positions; the Membership Committee which proposes strategies to attract new members and to improve the services AIPPI can offer to best serve its members; the Communications Committee which is responsible for AIPPI’s website, archives, and external communications such as e-News.

The General Secretariat and staff of AIPPI have offi ces in Zurich, Switzerland.